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Large, fluffy buds adhere in an elongated, nearly cylindrical shape in U.K. Cheese, also known as Exodus Cheese. The loose, sativa-like leaves spiral off the calyxes of the blooms. It’s a hybrid strain developed by Exodus, a British breeder. These leaves are often a dark shade of forest green when cured, with orange and brown pistils interwoven through them. Finally, a thin layer of sticky trichomes coats these buds, giving them a moist, dewy appearance.

UK CHEESE FEATURES-: This breed is known for its strong aroma, which is acidic and slightly sweet, similar to aged blue cheese. More wet, earthy smells emerge when the buds are broken apart. These opposing odours provide a pungent, acidic flavour that some users find unpleasant. A strong tang may persist on the palate after exhalation. Those who consume U.K. Cheese in public should be aware that it is a particularly pungent strain with a strong odour that can travel; anyone concerned about maintaining discretion should take the required precautions.

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BENIFITS-: Medical cannabis patients may benefit from U.K. cheese for a variety of reasons. It can provide short relief from the symptoms of mild to severe stress and depression from a psychological standpoint. The physiological effects of U.K. Cheese are supposed to reduce pain, whether it’s temporary like an injury or chronic like lupus. Many people have also reported alleviation from common irritants such as dyspepsia and persistent headaches. U.K. Cheese is a suitable option for people who are prone to panic or have a limited tolerance for THC because its mental effects are fuzzy rather than powerful and cerebral.

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Several internet shops sell cheese seeds from the United Kingdom. Alternatively, home growers can use clippings from the strain’s mature, healthy plants to create genetically identical “clones.” It’s a relatively challenging plant to grow indoors if you have enough space to support its robust lateral branching. To avoid sagging, higher branches may require support. Indoors, flowering takes around eight weeks, while outdoor plants are ready to harvest in late September. Even in the pre-flowering vegetative stage, U.K. cheese can be quite odoriferous, making discretion difficult without odor-blocking carbon filters.

U.K. Cheese continues its reputation as a powerful, middle-of-the-road hybrid as craft Cannabis strains proliferate. It’s a good example of how even diverse phenotypes of a single strain may be selectively bred to generate a whole new variety, similar to Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

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