Tesla Hash (AAAAA)


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                                  Tesla Hash (AAAAA)

In and around Afghanistan, Tesla Hash is generated in large quantities. The best Hash in Afghanistan comes from the districts in the north, between the Hindu Kush and the Russian border (Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif).

Hash is made from Indica plants that are small and bushy. Hashish is crushed by hand in Afghanistan after a small amount of tea or water is added. The Hashish is manipulated till it is highly elastic and emits a strong aromatic odor. In Afghanistan, the substance is stored in Hash-Balls (since a spherical ball has the least amount of air contact), however before being delivered, the Hash is often compressed into 100g slabs.

EFFECTS OF TESLA HASH-:                                    MEDICAL USES-:                                               SIDE EFFECTS-:

-:Relaxed                                                                                       -: Insomnia                                                             -: Dry Mouth

-: Sleepy                                                                                         -: Stress                                                                   -: Dry Eyes

-:Happy                                                                                          -: Depression                                                          -: Head Ache

-:Hungary                                                                                       -: Pain                                                                      -: Dizzy

-:Euphoric                                                                                       -: Lack of Appetite                                                -: Anxiety


-: 3.5 GRAMS $52.50 now $36.75

-: 3.5 GRAMS $52.50 now $36.75

-: $105.00 for 7 GRAMS is now $73.50.

-: 14 GRAMS for $210.00 is now $147.00

-: 28 GRAMS, once $420.00, is now $294.00.

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