Buy RSHO Real Scientific Hemp CBD Oil Blue


$340.00 per oz
RSHO Real Scientific Hemp Oil Blue
Real Scientific Hemp Oil 3g or 10g Tube (70.0% CBD)

100% Hemp Oil dietary supplement, packed full of CBD’s.



             Buy RSHO Real Scientific Hemp CBD Oil Blue

RSHO-X (Real Scientific Hemp Oil) is a tasty Isolate Hemp CBD oil with roughly 500 mg of CBD every 30ml bottle. This product contains all-natural Terpenes, Vitamins, and Minerals that function together just to provide you with the best possible results. You can’t go wrong with our high quality, EU farmed CBD hemp oil, regardless of whatever safe and dependable Real Scientific Hemp Oil® you choose. It is a matter of personal preference for many of our customers. The Blue Label represents our semi product, utilising the decarboxylation method while maintaining the original makeup of the hemp plant.

QUALITY-:Our Blue Label RSHO® is the same pure CBD hemp oil as the Green Label, but it has been decarboxylated** to modify the molecular structure of the cannabinoids, enhancing the CBD concentration. RSHO® Blue Label is a good source of CBD without losing the oil’s critical amino acids, and the unfiltered chlorophyll is a source of over a dozen necessary vitamins and minerals, depending on the batch. It contains roughly 17 percent CBD by weight, depending on the batch.



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