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Purple Punch Weed is an uncommon Indica-dominant hybrid strain developed by crossing Larry OG with the wonderfully strong Grand Daddy Purps. Purple Punch has a moderately high potency, with THC levels averaging in the mid-twenties and as high as 25% in the highest testing. Purple Punch gives you a knockout high very instantly. This strain’s potency delivers a one-two punch to the head and body, landing first between the eyes and moving down into the limbs. Today, we’ll look at Purple Punch, a flower that has a lot of therapeutic benefits while also being a lot of fun. Purple Punch is both exhilarating and relaxing, grounded but energetic.

                                             Features of Purple Punch Weed

Purple Punch tastes incredibly sweet, with berry and grape notes coming through first on inhale, before gradually transitioning into a dense and thick smoke that is almost sour and citrus in character. The smooth is very smooth and ultra-sweet on exhale, evocative of sour skittles and sugared berries.

                                                              Effects of Purple Punch Weed

The physical and mental melt that this flower provides will aid individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, tension, or insomnia. Purple Punch’s high begins in the head and spreads throughout the body, first to the core, then to the arms and legs, as tension and stress are relieved almost quickly.

                                                                                 Purple Punch Weed Review

Purple Punch Weed Review -: It is recognized for her ability to instantly elevate one’s spirits, so it’s no surprise that restorative patrons seek her out when they’re feeling down. Pressure and despair are removed reasonably quickly, and incidents of genuine torment are also managed without difficulty. Purple Punch Weed is the place to go if you have brain pain, problems, muscle fits, or practically any other illness. Obviously, this bud is also fantastic for folks who are constantly battling a sleeping condition.


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