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Buy Durban Poison Online-:  Durban Poison is the name given to a landrace strain that originated in South Africa, but it is absolutely non-toxic. In fact, it has the opposite effect, uplifting, energizing, and providing a spacey sense of relaxation. It also has a delicious flavour, with vanilla, orange, spices, and cream overtones.

It’s difficult (to put it gently) to find a true-to-form heirloom indica or sativa in today’s world of cannabis hybrids and radical genetic experiments. The Durban Poison Strain, which comes from a long line of African sativas, transports us back in time. This makes it one of the most pure, powerful, and stimulating strains available. While Durban Poison is legally a South African landrace sativa, its genetics have been significantly modified with over the years, making finding a pure heirloom strain difficult.

Authentic Durban Poison Strain was neither concocted in a lab or put together by chance. Rather, the strain’s ancestor flourished wild in the windswept plains of modern-day South Africa, making it an heirloom marijuana variety. Durban Poison illustrates that ethereal effects don’t require a lot of intricacy or genetic cross-breeding; if you ever get a chance to try a true-to-form landrace Durban, you’ll agree that it’s one of the most delightful – and medical – highs ever.

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Durban Poison Strain, as previously stated, is a pure sativa strain with roots tracing back to a single ancestral cousin from Africa’s south coast. Pure-grown Durban Poison (which is extremely difficult to come by) is 100 percent sativa genetically – no more, no less.

There are a variety of reasons why we’re all so hooked with Durban Poison marijuana. Some people enjoy it for its simple, clear-headed high, while others appreciate it for its ancient roots and historical significance. Durban Poison, on the other hand, is one of our favourites because of its pure, basic sativa beauty.

This is a very therapeutic marijuana strain that has shown to be a lifesaver for those suffering from multiple of ailments. Indeed, DP is a consistent best-seller in numerous MMJ shops across the United States. Durban Poison’s THC level has been shown to be in the 17-26 percent range in lab tests, which is incredible considering it hasn’t been cultivated or genetically selected for in any way. To be honest, you’ll feel Durban Poison’s affects after just a couple of hits.

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BENEFITS-: Durban Poison typically has a CBD level of 1% or less. As a result, this plant isn’t suitable for treating significant medical issues (especially seizures) – at least not for individuals who don’t want to get stoned. Rather, Durban Poison’s high THC concentration is fantastic in removing any physical or mental pain you may be experiencing as a result of a variety of medical ailments or mental disorders. Durban Poison’s medical capacity to quiet down an overly-active or over stimulated mind can be extremely beneficial to those suffering from stress, despair, and anxiety.

Because your symptoms are mostly psychological, the best way to consume Durban Poison is to smoke or ingest a balanced amount of the strain — one that you know is well within your marijuana consumption limits. When you’re dealing with a significant mental illness, ingesting too much pot of any kind might make you feel paranoid or even worsen your stress and anxiety levels, making you feel even worse and restless.

SIDE EFFECTS-:Durban Poison has extremely few adverse effects, especially when compared to the benefits it can give to both medical and recreational cannabis users.

Dry mouth and dry eyes are the most typically reported adverse effects after taking Duran Poison Strain ; minor issues that may be easily remedied by staying hydrated before, during, and following your euphoria (as well as applying moisturizing and redness-reducing eye drops if you deem them necessary).

Final Thoughts-: We hope you enjoyed reading our Durban Poison Review and found it to be both educational and amusing. Authentic Durban is one of the top landrace sativas in the world, but as previously stated, finding a 100 percent pure heirloom kind is tough.

Even in some of the more renowned west coast dispensaries, finding Durban Poison that has not been tampered with, tweaked in hydroponics, or cross-bred with another “pure” sativa is tough (If not impossible, at least unlikely). Regardless, knowing that strains like Durban Poison exist is reassuring, and we hope that this Durban Poison Review will guide you to your own authentic, 100% pure variant. Trust us when we say that the experience will be unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

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