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BUY SPACE QUEEN ONLINE-: Space Queen, sometimes known as Space Jill, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a light body high that originated in Europe. This strain is likely to make people happy because it makes them feel incredibly cheerful and euphoric. An boost in the user’s creative energies and energy goes hand in hand with their improved mood. Many seasoned users report feeling concentrated and clear-headed. Cotton mouth and dry eyes are guaranteed with the woodsy pineapple flavour. Paranoia, disorientation, and anxiety are all possible side effects.

Space Queen Strain is commonly used to relieve the gnawing effects of stress and anxiety problems, and it’s great for medicating in the morning. Space Queen is not recommended for severe aches and pains but may help make lesser aches and pains manageable. Chronic sadness, adult ADD and ADHD, and PTSD are all possible side effects of the rising cerebral impacts. It has also been used to help patients find relief from arthritis, migraines and nausea.

                                             Space Queen Marijuana Strain

Space Queen Strain is a mellow marijuana strain that is a mix between Cinderella 99 and Romulan. It was developed by the British Columbia Growers Association, and it is currently one of Canada’s most popular weed exports. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s sometimes referred to as Space Jill. Many breeders, including TGA Genetics’ Sub cool, use it in a variety of initiatives. According to legend, the original Space Queen strain is no longer available and has been replaced with Space Queen F2.

In most situations, the Indica qualities of the strain will be felt first, as the cerebral high makes you feel cheerful and relieves stress. After taking Space Queen for the first time, several users have reported feeling as if they were floating. Its sativa effects eventually take control, and you feel innovative and inspired. The majority of users will indicate their stoned status by flashing funny grins. If you utilise it wisely, there isn’t much of a ‘comedown’ to speak of.

                                                                  Features of Space Queen

AROMA-: When you take a whiff of this strain, you’ll notice that it has a fruity and pungent aroma with savory undertones. Vanilla, cinnamon, cherries, and apples are among the scents, which are blended with a cheesy fragrance.

FLAVOR-: The smoothness of this strain hits you directly in the mouth, and you’re in for a treat since citrus twists arise as well. You could get a woody or creamy aftertaste depending on the genotype.

APPEARANCE-: The nugs of this strain are thick and shaped like footballs. The plant’s calyxes may also have a few purple flecks in certain genotypes.

                                                                         Space Queen Review

For daytime smoking, Space Queen is a great choice. You can, however, utilise it to unwind in the evening or at night. Because it’s a rather potent combination, start with tiny dosages to get a sense of how it affects you.

It’s difficult to cultivate, and farmers frequently grumble about how difficult it is to bring out the entire flavor profile of Space Queen. However, when you get it properly, the trichomes will appear in large numbers. We’ve heard that the trichomes of this plant virtually shine when exposed to light. It’s an effect that’s even more amazing when the buds have hints of violet. Because it must be continually topped, it is a plant that needs your undivided care while growing. It also has an extremely stringent light schedule, as well as a low yield. While it takes a lot of effort to cultivate, it’s a lot of fun to use, which is why so many growers stick with it.


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