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Feminized Cannabis Seeds Northern Lights Automatic (Autoflowering) is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..


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Northern Lights is a multi-award winning seed strain with a reputation for being one of the best Afghani-based cannabis Indica types ever. Northern Lights is a high-yielding strain that thrives in a variety of conditions. It should be on everyone’s must-have list. Because of the deep, profound stone it imparts, even expert smokers hold this cannabis in high regard, and novices should approach the huge, glittering buds with caution!

Northern Lights was a natural choice to replicate as an auto-flowering strain because of its short flowering time.

                                                 Northern.L Seeds for Sale

Either you can buy Northern.L Seeds for Sale or you can grow/cultivate it. These requirements needs to keep in mind.

-: Continental / Temperate Northern Lights Automatic (Auto flowering) can be cultivated outside.
-: Plant with a small footprint
-: During the flowering phase, Northern Lights Automatic (Auto flowering) will acquire only a little amount of height.
-: Flowering time is 45 to 50 days.
-: Northern Lights Automatic (Auto flowering) will flower in a relatively short time.
-: Medium Yield
-: Northern Lights Automatic (Auto flowering) will yield a good amount of bud, with a 90% Indica content. Northern Lights Automatic (Auto flowering) has a high percentage of Indica genes in its genetic makeup.


There are a few cannabis strains that have become well-known, if not world-famous. Above and above them all, though, the Northern Lights are a modern-day emblem — a legend. If you’re a marijuana user, you’ve probably heard about Northern Lights.

                                                                          Potent and Plentiful

Northern Lights, as well as the vast majority of strains that have descended from it, are known for being extremely generous in terms of yields and Indica potency. Plants typically reach a height of five feet and have the types of leaves that you’d expect from a Sativa strain. Northern Lights has been a solid favorite in competition circles with to its delicious flavor and uplifting cerebral highs, as evidenced by its multiple wins at the High Time Cannabis Cup.

When smoking the buds, there is a noticeable scorched citrus aroma, and the smoke is luxuriously thick, smooth, and creamy.


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