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Feminized Cannabis SeedsIce Feminized is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..


                                              Buy Ice Feminized Online

Ice Feminized is a high-yielding hybrid of Indica and Sativa. This feminised cannabis strain is a wonderful alternative for indoor growers seeking for a weed variety that works well in both hydro and soil systems. In temperate or Mediterranean climates, Ice Feminized seeds can also be grown outdoors.

We have effectively united quality and quantity with the Ice Feminized seed-strain. An old Afghani, a very exceptional Skunk, classic heavyweight Northern Lights, and the world-famous Silver Haze are among her ancestors.

                                                  Effect of Ice Feminized Cannabis

The upper sections of her main stem and branches are covered in solid colas.

Her effect is heavy and Stoney, with a sweet, resinous flavor and undertones of a harsh, almost astringent scent.

                                                Ice Feminized Cannabis for sale

You can either Buy Ice feminized for sale Or you can grow/cultivate it on your own, here are the requirements you need to keep in mind.

-: Plant density is high. During the blossoming phase, Ice Feminized will expand significantly.
-: Ice Feminized will require an average flowering time of 55 to 70 days to attain their full potential.
-: Ice Feminized can produce a huge yield, but they may take a little extra attention to reach their full potential.
-: It’s 75% Indica. In the background of the Ice Feminized strain, there are a lot of Indica genes.

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