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Buy Banana OG Kush-: Banana OG is an indica-dominant hybrid with a peculiar aroma: when properly cured, this strain’s flowers have a slight banana taste and flavour. Banana OG is a mix between OG Kush and Banana Kush, which was created by crossing Ghost OG with Skunk Haze. The genetics of Kush, Haze, and Skunk combine to provide a surprisingly pleasant and gentle smoke. Aside from its distinct flavour, Banana OG provides a well-balanced, long-lasting high that is enjoyable in a variety of settings. Analytical 360, a cannabis testing company, discovered that samples of this strain had THC levels ranging from 16 percent to 25 percent.

                                                     Banana OG Strain

Banana OG Strain-: The blossoms of Banana OG are astonishingly enormous and robust, with a tapering, spade-like form. The buds are dense and densely packed, with an indica structure. The leaves are a pale green tint with a plethora of rust-colored hairs (which are actually pistils intended to catch pollen from male plants). The blossoms of Banana OG are likewise covered in amber-colored trichomes, which give the leaves a yellow colour.

The blooms of Banana OG Strain emit a nice tropical aroma with notes of banana and a hint of citrus in the background. A subtle grassy odour can also be detected beneath the surface upon closer scrutiny. When the buds are broken apart or ground, the dank, earthy aromas associated with Kush variants are released. This strain can produce a harsh, cough-inducing smoke when combusted. However, on the exhale, this smoke has a tropical flavour that is offset by a hashy, incense-like flavour.

                                                                        Banana OG Review

Banana OG is recognized for being a slow-acting strain, needing many minutes to completely manifest its effects. When the high finally hits, it hits from both sides, affecting the user’s mind and body at the same time. Dizziness, euphoria, and a racing mind are among of the first sensations that might be disconcerting. While simultaneously tormented by the sudden impulse to sit or lie down, the smoker’s thoughts may leap from one to the next. This initial intensity fades into a holistic relaxation over time, with both mental and bodily effects humming along at a pleasant rate. Couch-lock is normal, but so is deep, creative thought; just don’t expect to have the stamina to get up and move about.

                                                                                Banana OG Medical Uses

Banana OG is also useful for medical marijuana patients, as it can help with both psychological and physiological issues. It can help with aches and pains, whether they’re momentary or chronic and caused by a condition. Its uplifting, mood-altering properties can help individuals with mild to moderate stress and depression use their time more consciously and attentively. It can also be used to treat insomnia, lulling users into a deep and peaceful slumber at large enough doses. It may not be the greatest choice for people who suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, since its de-stabilizing effects can cause paranoia.


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